Well it's a new decade.  

Two full years have passed since I took up photography as a hobby.  One full year since it became so much more.  Now a new challenge lays ahead of me for 2011.  Turning this vocation into a successful business.

I admit that I have a soft skin when it comes to business.  I'm not the best businessman.  I always viewed businessmen/women as a bit cold hearted, ruthless and inflexible in their pursuit of success.  However, I am coming to understand it. 

I live with a woman who I have watched turn a personal hobby into a fairly lucrative business in its own right.  I noticed in watching her that a business person doesn't have to be any of those things to be successful.  One simply has to have to courage to follow through with their ambition, be stern and maintain their professionalism.  I've watched as people have come to her with ridiculous requests for discounts and other stuff you wouldn't believe and paid attention as she handled it all with professionalism and courtesy.  I am adopting these things for myself.

I've been told that a successful artistic career usually takes 5 years to get off the ground.  I'm all for this.  I am not in a rush to be the next photographic phenom.  There will always be new things to learn and experiences to be had.  I just believe now I have to guidelines to be successful for myself and for my family.  Hopefully next year I can look back on this blog and say that I have made significant progress.


01/02/2011 18:03

Love it, :) Your growth is beautiful and I love every moment of sharing it with you.


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