Had the wonderful opportunity over the last three days to work with a new face.  Ms. JoAnne C. came to my studio Thursday night with a suitcase full of clothes, shoes and jewelry. 

I had met Ms. C in February over coffee to talk about her shoot.  She was so open that it was really easy to talk with her and I think if i'd have sat with her any longer than I did she'd have had my whole life story.  When she came for her shoot I was proud that she was so comfortable that everything just seemed to flow from shot to shot.  It was like a breath of fresh air to work with someone so free.  

For the Satuday shoot we hopped on the train with her little purple suitcase and headed to DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass).  There is a lighting factory there with a breathtaking mural that I had been eyeing for a good month now.  Needless to say it provided a grand backdrop to compliment Jo's dress.  

Thanks to Jo I even got to experience Highline Park!  I hadn't even known it existed.  Definitely gotta go back there though.  Our time there was way too short.  

That's it for now though. TY for reading and supporting.

E. Snell


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