I sometimes expect people to know what i'm thinking.  In this i'm a bit naive. 

Two shoots this weekend.  Both my wife and a good friend of mine stepped in front of my camera and before my eyes transformed into woman i'd never seen before!  Needless to say the experience was a beautiful one.  A lot of time, patience and a bit of experimentation produced some of the best shots IMO of my portfolio.

Now the disheartening part...

We know I use Facebook as a medium to interact with both potential models and family/friends.  I like to let them know what their love and support investments are producing.  What's disheartening is the fact that it takes NUDITY or the idea of nudity spark peoples interest. 

I am not a "Nude Photographer".  I have interest in Figure Nude Photography and some examples of it in my portfolio but it's not my first choice for artistic expression.  The female form, while a wonderfully divine creation, can be appreciated just as well with clothing. 

There are plenty of mens magazines out there to oogle pretty girls from.  I couldn't help but be discouraged as consistently the shots that get the most comments, oohhs and aahhs are always the ones where there is missing clothing.  Seriously, some of the most well executed, dynamic, dramatic photographs i've even seen, both including and not including my own work, are always overshadowed by that "Hot Mama" in the shot next to them.

I'm ranting and obviously don't expect everyone to feel the same way I do.  It just makes me sad personally that some of my best work (IMO) doesn't get the same attention that a simple "sexy" shot does.


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