Finally some formal instruction!  Ok, today was awesome. Met with Mr. Stan Goldstein (Pro Photographer) and listened and learned while he instructed us on optimal lighting techniques and placement. 

I'm a huge fan of mood lighting and listened with everything I had so that I could recreate the lighting scenarios I learned that day.

If your a fan of figure photography (Art Nude) and want to learn to do it right you should definitely check out this group:

Took the family out to the Sakura Matsuri festival at Brooklyn Botanic Garden.  

It was beautiful.  My son had a ball. Got to see the Taiko Drummers...albeit from the sidelines.  My little man ran around and must have said hi to every person in the park before he finally passed out.

The cosplayers were everywhere!  I saw more Ichigos and Narutos than I can count on two hands.  Everyone was cool though and very mostly willing to put up with us photographer types and our oversized cameras.

Only regret is having missed the actual blooming of the Cherry Blossoms...

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